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  1. Lav Nandlall says:

    Hi Dean!

    My goodness, I have been trying to locate a member of the Odyssey for weeks with no luck! I was writing an article on the Metal scene is South Africa for a Greek/Cypriot web/zine and immediately was asked, “What happened to the Odyssey and can we get a copy of their self-entitled 1991 release?” Strangely enough, I cannot answer any of those questions. I would like to know myself if I can locate an original Odyssey album and what exactly happened to the Odyssey?
    Sorry, for the long curious message – but in all do respect – Odyssey as far as we know it made a larger impact on the South African music scene as opposed to any other band.

    I look forward to hearing from you (or any of your affiliates in regards with the above).
    Good Luck with your future projects!

    Lav Nandlall

    • Deangersmith says:

      Hi Lav

      Damn I only saw this message today, for some reason i did not get a notification, it’s probably too late now but send me an email address and i can give you some info.


      sprry for the late reply


  2. Lav says:

    No need to apologize as I have made contact with Brin! He has been quite helpful and I understand that the Odyssey has become quite the collectors item as rare as it is. 🙂 If you do have a copy of the Odyssey and are willing to part with it – I might have an interested buyer. However, I am fully aware that the dollar its worth might be a little over the budget. Nonetheless, my email add is: lav.z333@gmail.com
    Great to know that you are still in the music industry as well as Brin! Awesome!
    Many thanks,

    • Deangersmith says:

      Hi Lav

      Cool I’m glad you got hold of him, I’m afraid I only have one Odyssey record, I can’t part with it at any price, is there anywhere I can view the article you have written? I’d love to read it!

      Rock It

  3. Lav says:

    All good! I eventually did not end up writing about the Odyssey due to the limitations of information so I ended up writing about the current South African Alternative scene. Here is the link; http://www.rockcyprus.net/2011/SAIssue/SAIssue.htm

    Thank you for the reply!

    • Deangersmith says:


      Awesome article, very interesting as I have been out of SA for some time, thanks that was a great read. Pity Odyssey, Ragnarok and a host of other bands that blew SA apart back in the 80’s could not get a mention, maybe next time hey. Thanks again. Tak it easy and keep me posted on your writings!

      Have a great new year


  4. Lav says:

    Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! I would personally love to dig deeper into the South African forefathers of the Metal scene! Most of the bands were before my time unfortunately. If I could get some band names that made a breaking impact that would be helpful.
    I have a “metal blog” if you want to check it out at thewebguitar.blogspot.com – thank you for the reply!
    Kind regards,

    • Deangersmith says:

      Happy New Year, I’ll check the blog out, some bands from back in the day:

      Band o’ Gypsys, Black Rose, Montreaux, Pentagon, Lynx, Ragnarok, Odyssey, 2 dogs Funking, The Blast, Brothering, Urban Assault.

      those are just a few that laid the foundations, there are tons of others that followd after that.

  5. Lav says:

    Thanks Dean! I will be looking up all these bands and then I might have to call you up for an interview!

  6. Sammy says:

    Hi Dean!

    May be a weird question, but just for interest sake… Do you have any kids?



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