This is a work in progress, soon to be a full album, I do not have the time on my hands to complete it all at once, so I will be adding songs as I go along. These are the first two tracks released on 11 February 2013. Enjoy, please download and share if you like.

Thank you – \m/ Heavy Metal Rules \m/


Deangersmith Demo’s
Release Date: Various
Label: Independent

¥ Deangersmith demo’s are all from 2003-2011, previously unreleased. A new album is due this year. ¥


Mouthful of Flies – Ten : Negative : Sixes
Release Date: 17 July 2007
Label: Speeding Demon Records
¥ All rhythm guitar & drum tracks recorded recorded at Deans studio in London UK, all vocal, FX and lead guitar tracks recorded Dans studio in London UK. Bass tracks recorded in Vancouver BC at Robi’s sutdio in 2006 ¥

Dean Smith: Guitar, Backing Vocals & Drums/programming
Daniel Stevenson: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Robi Smith/Yoyo Venter: Bass

Track Listing

1 Deadened Soul
2 March Of The Clones
3 Believe The Lie
4 Blatant Frenzy
5 Breeder
6 Lost
7 Ingrained
8 Living The Nightmare
9 Black Magick
10 Strange Days


PijinFist – Don’t Look Up
Release Date: 2000
Label: Independant Release

¥ Songs recorded in Adams garage on 4 track dat recorder in Johannesburg South Africa 2000.
They were never released. ¥

Dean G Smith: Guitar, Vocals
tulsa Pittaway: Drums & Vocals
Adam Thomas: Bass & Vocals

Track Listing

1. Sign of The Times
2. Pious
3. Different Ground
4. From The Garden


Release Date
: 1997
Label: Independant Release
¥ All rhythm sections on these songs were recorded live at Mega Music Studios in Johannesburg South Africa 1997. Vocals and guitar solos were overdubbed.
Engineered, mastered and mixed by Leon Erasmus and Brothering, released on cassette/cd. ¥

Dean Smith: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Robi Smith: Bass & Backing Vocals
Tulsa Pittaway: Drums/Percussion

Track Listing

1 Free
2 Miracle Man
3 Here
4 Free
5 Damage Done
6 Never Gonna Change
7 King Atlantic
8 Read the Wall
9 Snakedance
10 Brothering
11 Would You Believe Me
12 Shadows Move
13 Along The Blade
14 We Need A Miracle
15 Prophecy of Doom
16 From The Garden
17 Premonition

Balance – Until
Release Date: 1996
Label: Silva Moon Records

¥ Songs recorded at Savage Custard Studios for Silva Moon Records in Johannesburg South Africa 1998.
Produced by Joe da Silva, engineered by Dave Jisola. Distributed by Scorpio Music. ¥
Nadia Jacobsen: Lead Vocals
Chevaughn Thomas: Backing Vocals
Nikki Jacobsen/Jethro Venter: Bass
Adam Thomas: Drums
Nick Nicholau: Guitar
Dean Smith: Guitar

Track Listing

1. Escape In Sound
2. Dream Guide
3. Until
4. Angel Fist
5. I am Your Soul
6. Atlantis
7. Sickle Moon
8. Nothing Is So Simple


2 Dogs Funking – Handling Complaints & Demands
Release Date: 1993
Label: Independant Release

¥ All Songs recorded live at BMG Studios in Johannesburg South Africa 1993.
Flashback recorded seperately for single release. Engineered and mixed by Peter Pearlson, the band released them independantly on a demo cassette entitled ‘Handling Complaints and Demands in 1996. ¥
Dean Smith: Lead Vocals & Rythm Guitar
Brin Addison: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Neil Ford/Clint McKeon: Bass
Martin Coetzee: Drums

Track Listing

1 Juggernaut
2 Skin
3 Premonition
4 Intro in D
5 Flashback
6 Jellyfish
7 Epic
8 Mr Volksie Davidson
9 Bootleg Double Tape Piece of My Mind
10 Untitled Track


Release Date: 1991
Label: Inhouse Records

¥ Songs recorded at Universal Studios under Inhouse Records Label in Johannesburg South Africa 1991.
Engineered and mixed by Phillip Nel, they were released on full vinyl album. ¥

Brin Addison: Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Neil Ford: Bass
Lawrence Bailey: Drums
Dean Smith: Rhythm Guitar

Track Listing

1 Possessed
2 The Wordless One
3 Toothpick Licker
4 Bad Boys
5 Ozone
6 the Worldess One Too
7 I Ain’t Got No Money
8 Sacrifice
9 Macbeth
10 Addison Opus No.1


The Blast
Release Date: September 1988
Label: Inhouse Records

Track Listing:
1. Little Sister (a-side)
2. Not Quite The Same Thing (b-side)

¥ Recorded at Universal Studios Johannesburg South Africa. Engineered and mixed by Philip Nel. ¥

Line Up: (incomplete)
Mike Mills – Guitar & Vocals
Dean Smith – Vocals on Little Sister.


Release Date: 1986 – 1989
Label: Independant

¥ Songs recorded at Universal Studios in Johannesburg South Africa 1989.
Engineered and mixed by Phillip Nel. ¥

Covers Line Up: (1985-1987)
Robi Smith: Vocals
Dirk Mrozek: Bass
Stephen Kay-Clough: Guitar
Serge Vercammen: Guitar
Dean Smith: Drums

Originals Line Up:(1987-1990)
Dean Smith: Guitar & Vocals
Robi Smith: Bass Guitar
Lawrence Bailey: Drums

Track Listing

1 Vision (Intro)
2 Troops of Thunder
3 Abhorrent future
4 No Such Thing
5 Lords of discipline
6 Prophecy Rising
7 Cryogenic Suspension
8 When Darkness Comes
9 Prophecy Of Doom
10 Plastic Passion
11 The Final Eclipse
12 Living From Within
13 Premonition
14 You Are The One


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